Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brad Cooper's foul mouth and poor judgment

Since I have been blogging about Brad Cooper's filthy mouth, poor judgment, and love of the world, I thought it would be very fitting to link this video Do you frickin believe the Bible? . For those of you who do not know what the slang word "frickin" means you can Google it. I refuse to put this filthy word on my blog. I will warn you that it is pure filth. It is repulsive that a student pastor would use such a ungodly evil word and then point to the Holy Bible.

It's very evident that Brad Cooper does not believe the Bible when it speaks against filthy language, living godly, and striving to put aside worldly love (See my other blogs about Brad Cooper). He believes the Bible only when it suits his purpose-driven agenda.

The old NewSpring Church defense of "No perfect people" does not work here because there is no excuse for this type of language.


  1. I see you have put a lot of effort and time into these post. I am a pastor and watch Newspring's services online weekly. I also have a friend who works for them. You may see some things that you don't agree with, such as the slang, but I do not feel it has crossed a biblical line. Words like wow and ouch were used as alternative words to the "bad" words. I have heard first hand stories about the way Brad and Perry live their lives, and I have no doubt they want to rech as many people for Jesus as possible, and they do not water down the gospel. I bet if you spent the time you use on criticizing others who, in all likely hood accomplished more things for the kingdom this year, than you have your entire life. I believe your time would be better spent in prayer for what Newspring and Elevation is doing, and more time trying to reach the lost in your area. Your blog sounds more like and ex's journal than it does a building up of the body.

  2. People like Perry Noble and Brad Cooper just keep moving that sin line a little farther down the path. Every time someone speaks against their antics and filthy mouths, the defense of "they have not crossed this line" always rears it's ugly head in these discussions. Sin is sin, filthy language is filthy language, and Col 3:8 is still the Word of God. All the "good" works in the world does not cover the sin of rebellion and scoffing at God's clear commandments in the Scriptures.

    Pastor Tim Conway has a good video called Minimal Morality? Just go back to the world! - He discusses what you are defending. Check it out