Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fighting for the Faith: The Perry Noble NewSpring Church Special

Fighting for the Faith has an excellent interview with Ron Click who is a former NewSpring Church member. This interview is very insightful about some of the errors being taught at NewSpring Church. I highly recommend listening to the episode from Pirate Christian Radio.

Chris Rosebrough did a good interview with Ron Click. Mr. Rosebrough has a very insightful critique of one of Perry Noble's sermons after the interview that reflects some of the major issues brought up by Mr. Click.

I am a former NewSpring member. I am very concerned by NewSpring's antics and liberal interpretations of the Scriptures.

I testify that I have seen and heard the things that Ron Click discussed in this interview. We cannot be taken back by NewSpring's good works, friendly outreach, and Sunday shows without searching the Scriptures to see if what NewSpring is teaching is correct. Perry Noble's view of sin, total depravity of mankind, God's grace drawing us to repentance, and our carnal nature being hostile towards God is presented very weak in many of his sermons.

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