Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes….

One would think that relevance would be enough to fill a purpose driven church. Well, relevance is no longer enough! The need of wanting more has been acknowledged and met by our sensitive pastors in the seeker sensitive movement. Come one, come all...fill out the application for your chance to win big this Sunday at church! Yes, we have food, drink, and prizes! I wish this was a joke, but sadly it is no joke.

Refomata sent out a tweet today with a link to this blog:


It's amazing how the purpose driven mindset works to lure people into the house of God. It seems they do not believe the Gospel is enough anymore. It seems they feel the Holy Spirit needs entertainment and giveaways in order to draw people unto Himself.

Shortly after I became a Christian, my pastor gave me some advice one afternoon about how to build a church. He told me, "If you lead them in on entertainment, then you must keep them entertained. If you preach the Gospel, then Christ will keep them in the church." I really wish these seeker-sensitive purpose driven CEO's would take my former pastor's advice.

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